I had someone do this to me a few doors down from a venue.
I checked the bike and frame size and walked the line outside the venue.
Got the guy at first guess.
Immaculate bicycle with a 63cm frame, had to be the tallest guy in line with the sharpest look.
I was so impressed with my amateur sleuthery no one else was… » 9/18/14 5:02pm Yesterday 5:02pm

I'm pretty sure that this is a relatively easy operation.
Scotland would peg its existing Bank Of Scotland banknotes 1:1 to sterling, similar to what Ireland did in 1922.
To my mind, there's an element of scaremongering going on to say that the pound would disappear from Scotland.
It would be de facto sterling, if not… » 9/11/14 1:56pm 9/11/14 1:56pm