This guy really wants a pat on the back from the internet for giving a waitress a Jackson.
Breaking in to the guy’s house and putting sour cream in his shoes and the pockets of his coat and whatnot would have been a far better punishment. No one really commits to creative gags anymore.

If that guy was my cousin, he’d… » 4/29/15 2:11pm 4/29/15 2:11pm

The thing that has long struck me about the craft beer revolution is how nearly every option is high in alcohol.
Not knocking it, but I would just like greater choice in the sub-6% range.
We’re calling these session beers low in alcohol, when (correct me if I’m wrong) 4.5% is where most macro brews are.

Truly enjoyed… » 4/28/15 11:35am 4/28/15 11:35am